Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fresh Start

So, now that my surgery is over and I'm on the road to recovery and hopefully exercising again...soon...I decided I am in need of a fresh start. I haven't been exercising or eating the way that I normally do. Since I can't exercise again for a while, I feel like eating is the biggest change I can make to get back on the fitness track. So, I'm staring fresh with a detox/juice cleanse. Day 1 of the 4 day process is tomorrow. I DID make it to the store today, and I bought all the things I'll need. I bought, well, juice. Lots and lots of juice...ha ha. I hope I got enough variety that I won't get too sick of the flavors. Liquids only will be hard enough, I think. I also got some detox tea at the health food store across the street (question: why do all health food store employees wear only 'earth tones' and not seem to know how to shave - male or female? maybe it's just my experience...)

Since today is my last day before the cleanse, I celebrated freedom by having chicken fajitas, cherry diet coke, cinnamon toast crunch, tater tots, and apple pie. That is absolutely not a joke. I didn't even eat the cinnamon toast crunch at breakfast....that was dinner. See....told you I need a fresh food start....ha ha ha :D


  1. Cinnamon toast crunch is an excellent choice. 4 days of nothing but juice that sounds way hard!

  2. You absolutely have all of the food groups represented there. So proud. I want to know more about this detox. Please point me in the direction of your information.